Randon acts of kindness

Mount Union 6th graders, from the left, Sydnee Harris, Delaney Ronk, Jake Cooper, Avin Knable, Rowan McClain-Hartman, Adam Beatty and Nicholas Bowers display bookmarks they received as part of 9th grade English teacher Haley Myers’s random acts of kindness project.

In the world today, kindness is often deemed overrated or is simply forgotten. For MUAHS 9th grade English teacher Haley Myers, her goal to change this. Since the beginning of the school year, Myers has started Random Act of Kindness (#RAK) Fridays.

Every Friday, each freshman student is asked to complete an act of kindness. Some activities the students have done include making bookmarks for every 6th grade student and writing thank you notes for someone who has positively influenced their life.

Myers explained, “The idea came to me after reflecting on my first year of teaching. I think that, as teachers, we are obviously predisposed to holding the academic performance of our students in the highest regard. However, it is also important to focus on molding our students into kind, compassionate and empathetic members of society.”

These projects have had positive effects on both the individuals who receive them and the freshman students who participate. Freshman Erika Forgy commented, “The activities we do are fun, and it’s nice to be able to see what we do benefit so many more people.”

A future project, Myers is planning is locker letters, which are anonymous encouraging letters to be placed in every senior high locker. Each 9th grade student will make four to five letters for the project.

Myers concluded, “Kindness in contagious, and it’s such a reward to see the students come to that realization. It is so important in today’s world. We are surrounded by controversy and negativity constantly between the news, social media and other outlets. It is important to remind our students that kindness still exists, and they are responsible for creating a better, more compassionate world.”



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