Nine students of Huntingdon Area High School attended the district choir festival at Curwensville High School Jan 16-17.

The festival was attended by seniors Elizabeth Speck, Caroline Sliver, Kieran Wright, Barend Werner and Adam Campbell, as well as juniors Alex Robbins, Taran Pelkey, Taylor Peterson and sophomore Micheal Cantrell.

Many of the attendees participate in a number of musical ensembles both in and outside of school.

Elizabeth Speck participates in both concert and marching band, as well as extracurricular choirs. Caroline Sliver is a member of all scholastic and extracurricular choirs. Kieran Wright is also a member of all extracurricular and scholastic choirs as well as a cast member of the spring musical. Barend Werner participates in all scholastic and extracurricular choirs, and also has a leading role in the musical.

Adam Campbell is in many of the different band ensembles offered as well as all extracurricular choirs, and the musical. Alex Robbins is in concert band, marching band, and extracurricular choirs.

Taran Pelkeye participates in various band ensembles, and the extracurricular choir belles and beaus.

Taylor Peterson is in both concert and marching band, and all extra curricular choirs. Micheal Cantrell is also in band, as well as extra curricular choirs.

As first sopranos, Peterson placed first and sliver 14th. Wright placed second as a second soprano. Speck was third as an alto 2. Tenors Robbins and Werner placed fifth and third respectively, Basses Cantrell and Campbell, placed ninth and third.

Those students who placed within the top 10 will advance to the regional choir festival at Central Cambria High School Feb. 26-28. Beyond that, the top three students from regionals will advance to states.

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