Huntingdon Area School District learners did a test of the first flexible instruction day Oct. 14.

Huntingdon Area School District (HASD) administrators wished to increase the productiveness of their schools through the use of technology on future snow-days. The district tested how a Flexible Instructional Day (FID) may work Oct. 14. The idea was to give learners school work to do at home to decrease the number of days added to the end of the year, thus increasing productiveness.

This year, HASD learners have been permitted to take their school iPads home if they filled out the necessary paperwork. This made it easier for the FID to work, though some people cannot take Ipads home. Learners who could not take their iPad home or did not have internet connection could either get a hard copy from teachers or talk to their teachers for an alternative solution.

What was the goal? The goal for the FID was to decrease the number of school days added onto the end of the year due to school being cancelled. There is a certain number of days the school can use for snow makeup days, so when those allotted days are used, normally a day is added onto the end of the year. By having a FID, HASD tested out how reliable the learners are to do their work at home. Actual days in the future dedicated to FIDhave not yet been approved, which is another reason for the approved test Oct. 14.

Learners had to complete their own attendance on a google form posted on the HASD website from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. If they did not, they had to complete an absence form and turn it in the next day. Then, learners could complete their assigned work whenever they wanted that day, or when their teacher had assigned.

Hearing from other learners in the Huntingdon Area High School (HAHS), a lot of people thought it was different to email their teachers from home to ask questions. Others, however, had no problem doing this. Most learners agreed that they liked being able to do work at the comfort of their home and could work at their own pace. One learner of HAHS (who wanted to stay anonymous) said their experience was enjoyable and it was nice being able to work at home, but because of where they live, they had bad internet connection. If they had a question, they felt comfortable emailing a teacher for help. In all, this learner enjoyed the FID and would have no problem doing it again.

Overall, we do not yet know if future FID days will happen for HASD. It is dependent on the learners’ compliance Oct. 14. Some learners had a positive opinion on the FID day, some had a neutral opinion, and some learners had a negative opinion. All or most students, though, are anticipating the announcement of whether these days will continue to occur.



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