JV Haunted School

JV’s third annual Haunted School was a tremendous success. Several teachers and students, Dan Waite, left, Oliva Shaffer, center, and Karen Beck spent their weekends scaring the visitors who crossed their paths.

Once again, Juniata Valley High School has completed another amazing Haunted School event. JV seniors April Boss, Hanah Thatcher, Zach Robinson and Madison Dick were all a huge part of making this happen, as they used the event for their senior project.

Boss spent a lot of time after school with teacher Peggy Vlasak, information technology director Josh Wakefield and Spanish teacher Phil Rimmer. These teachers are the primary teachers in charge of making Haunted School happen. She contacted businesses to receive donations and radio stations to advertise the event.

“The hardest part was finding local businesses to donate,” stated Boss. “Some had tough years financially and could not afford to donate, but without donations or lumber and plastic, Haunted School would not have been half as good. APM (Allensville Planing Mill) donated lumber and tractor supply donated plastic.”

Thatcher spent 6 hours of her time to fill out 500 Hoss’s charity night invites. She also worked to get a lot of donations for raffle baskets. The raffle baskets were from Auto Zone, Laney’s Feed Mill, Burger King, Taco Bell, Advance Auto Parts, OIP, Funk’s Carving and the JV fall sports teams.

There were many attractions at the event, such as a haunted trail that led to a haunted house and family-friendly hay ride. To begin, visitors would enter a room with scares from famous horror movies, such as the twins from “The Shining,” porcelain dolls, clowns and shadow figures. Eventually, visitors would travel through a webbed hallway that led into the haunted cafeteria with spooky entrees being served. As guests made their way through a graveyard and funeral, they ended up in a butcher shop which led them into a play room of spooky sorts. The final room was an enclosed dark room with figures jumping out randomly.

There were also many concession stands and a raffle. The raffle winners were Jan Wakefield, Renee Anderson, Travis Foster, Cynthia Stiver and Cheryl Franks, who went home with the pumpkin carving done by Garrett Funk.

All of the proceeds from the event were donated to local charities, including Huntingdon House, the Salvation Army, the Huntingdon County Humane Society and Huntingdon Nurse Family Partnership. ‘We raised over $4,400,” exclaimed Thatcher. “It was super fun getting the chance to work closely with Mr. Wakefield, Mr. Rimmer and Mrs. Vlasak. The kids really stepped up to help make this year fun and successful. It’s definitely been an experience I’ll never forget.”

People of the community thought it was really great. One couple commented that Haunted School was even better than a few other haunted houses in Pittsburgh. “It was honestly a lot scarier than I thought it would be. It was so much fun, I ended up going twice!” said Shelby Beaver, an 8th grader at the Huntingdon Area Middle School.

“The haunted house was a success and the new lay out went well. A lot to look forward to for next year!” reflected Wakefield.



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