HCA Valentine's Day

Huntingdon Christian Academy students Arion Kinzey, left, and Emma Allison display their homemade Valentine bags that will be used to collect cards and treats at the Valentine’s party.

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by many each year Feb. 14. At Huntingdon Christian Academy, the students and staff celebrate in their own ways each year.

Junior Sarah Baker shared, “Valentine’s Day is a day for anyone and everyone to show their love for one another, whether that is a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or even parents and children. It is a day that most people see as a special time to show their love, but it can also be a day for friends to show their thankfulness for each other.”

One way HCA celebrates this day usually focused on loving each other is by having a Valentine’s party. This year’s party took place Feb. 13, and it included pizza, drinks, and snacks for the whole school. The elementary students got to exchange Valentine’s with their friends. A 3rd grader, Emma Allison exclaimed, “Valentine’s Day is so fun because I get lots of candy and we get to exchange Valentines with each other!”

This holiday truly is a wonderful opportunity for people to express their love to parents, teachers, and friends. Even if one can’t afford a gift, he can still express his appreciation and love for those he cares about. One teacher shared that something as simple as a homemade card, a hug, or some words of appreciation can really make a big difference and be a huge encouragement to someone.

When asked for ideas of how to show love to others, first and second grade teacher Linda Hicks replied, “Pay attention to important events in a friend’s life. The usual, like birthdays and anniversaries, but especially unusually sad or happy times. During those, give your personal presence, do or say the most kind thing you can in the kindest way you have access to-notes are my personal favorite. Giving extra attention in just listening is a great way to show love. Watching out for things you know to cause extra stress and running an invisible interference depending upon the likes and dislikes of your friend can be a help. Sometimes, taking over little nuisance type role jobs can show love, but always be aware of your friend’s personal preferences about that.”

While the students of HCA are enjoying their candy and other treats fo this Valentine’s Day, they will also be looking for ways to show love to those around them. Junior high teacher Kristy Pandolfino shared, “In a time where there seem to be so many sad and hurting people, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to be an encouragement to someone and show someone a little more love and attention. While most people think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday, it doesn’t have to be that way. Anyone can express their love to their friends and family this Valentine’s Day!”



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