JV math teacher

Kyle Bartlett, JV math teacher, spoke to his class about the importance of teamwork in learning while working on a special project in his math classes.

Kyle Bartlett, a math teacher at Juniata Valley High School, has introduced a new project to his geometry classes. Titled “Logical Thinking: Role Reversal,” the project focuses on strengthening aspects of student accountability, teamwork and research. It strengthens said skills by requiring students to switch roles with Bartlett — they will teach lessons to the rest of the class.

“The main motivation behind this project is to prepare students for life after high school, whether they be entering college immediately or the workforce immediately. It forces students to go out of their way to research, practice teamwork skills, find credible sources and use the best of their abilities to find out new things — which are skills that will carry them through life,” explained Bartlett.

Known to many within the JV school community as “Mr. B,” he is a favorite among students due to his unique lesson plans like this one.

“I’m learning a lot in this class, and I’m really liking it! This project is giving me plenty of freedom to find out everything I want about my team’s assigned topic,” said sophomore Max Eichelberger.

Senior Emily Shope commented, “I’m going to college to major in education. Researching a topic with a group and making a lesson plan with them will definitely prepare me for my future in college.”

When asked why he allows students to be leaders of the classroom in projects and other assignments like this one, Bartlett replied: “Traditional schooling is so focused on the cycle of memorizing and testing, and those things are important--but what’s more important is teaching students to be curious and learn things on their own. The more that comes directly from their awesome minds, the better. They’re so much more naturally curious and eager to learn than adults, and it’s my goal to foster that.”

Bartlett’s students are proof that he does indeed foster their desire to learn, especially through this latest project.

“I am thankful to have a teacher like Mr. B. I will take a lot away from this project and his class in general, because I don’t feel forced to stay inside the lines when I learn,” explained senior Morgan Lawn. “I am figuring out things for myself with his help every day.” Many other students agreed with Lawn’s comment.

Bartlett’s project is a fresh and unique way for students to learn about a specific topic regarding geometry, as well as the skills that will carry them throughout their lives.

As Bartlett says, “My students are the sculptors of their learning. I am the project manager.”



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