ASVAB testing at JV

The junior class of Juniata Valley recently learned about their ASVAB test results. Some students like Hart Whittaker, left, took advantage of speaking with recruiter Sgt. Adam Helms about their future in the military or other career.

Students from Juniata Valley High School recently explored new career opportunities with Army recruiters by observing their ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test scores. “We are not recruiting you for the Army today,” Sergeant Michael Smith explained. “We are helping you look at a blueprint of possible careers in your future.”

The ASVAB tests students on many different categories to get a well-rounded result rather than only focusing on the main core subjects of math, science and English. Students are tested on verbal skills, math skills, science and technical skills, general science, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mathematics knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information and mechanical comprehension. This allows students to open their eyes to a larger picture of possible careers in which they could be successful.

“The ASVAB gives students a wide avenue of opportunities because it tests students on subjects that are not as closely related to the common core classes,” stated Sergeant Adam Helms. “The test tends to give students job opportunities that others tests do not because the students are tested on many other small categories.”

“We give the ASVAB test every year,” explained guidance counselor Hope Smith. “We know we have students who are looking to be in the military or another career, but we also have many who aren’t sure of what they want to do after graduation. This test is a great tool for us to use to try to help all of those students see their strengths and learn about themselves.”

Students looking towards career in the military had the opportunity to talk to Sergeant Smith, a recruiter, Sergeant Helms, a recruiter, and Private Gaven Hughs, a former student of Williamsburg High School who recently graduated from boot camp. By talking to the recruiters and the newly graduated Private Hughs it allowed students to get a feel for what their future would be like in a military career.

Many students were surprised by their test results. Many had career opportunities pop up that they never even considered themselves fit for. A handful of students even considered changing their future plans after seeing the list of jobs they never considered doing before.

“None of the careers I have been interested in showed up in my results,” commented junior Lily Yoder. Several students like Yoder began to think about other potential careers based on what the test showed them. For some students like Hart Whittaker, seen in the photo, the military was the ultimate goal all along

The recruiters goal was to help the junior class see the wide range of job opportunities they could possibly pursue in the near future. Many students were happily surprised with their results and are now looking to branch out into new career ideas for themselves.

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