Using InDesign

JVHS eighth graders Aylee Pheasant, front, and Vylet Eichelberger worked on their word clouds for their Adobe InDesign projects in Erica Mowrer’s class. This is one of several programs the students are learning how to use this year.

With the world around us always changing, teachers at Juniata Valley are constantly trying to prepare students for anything that they may encounter in the world. One teacher in particular is teaching students how to be more technologically savvy.

Erica Mowrer has many business classes offered to students at JVHS. For the past several years, she has been teaching students how to use programs like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

“I like teaching about these programs, because each year, I’m providing students with a new set of skills that is very relevant in today’s society,” Mowrer reflected.

Students haven’t made it to the Adobe Illustrator program yet, but they have been working diligently in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign programs. When Mowrer introduces new programs to the students, she goes through as many tools as possible, but also gives room for the students to discover and play with all the different options.

Since the class has excelled in their different assignments, Mowrer has had them create things to benefit the school. For the annual Haunted School, students made posters to advertise. These posters were put up around the school and were also sent out for local businesses to hang up.

“I really liked making the Haunted School posters, because I really liked designing different things through the programs,” senior Maddy Beasom commented.

Mowrer has also given students the opportunity to compete in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competition with their newly developed skills. This year one of the options for students to compete in included creating a rock band and designing posters and other products for it.

During class one day Mowrer told students: “FBLA has a lot of amazing opportunities. Everyone of you can compete in these competitions, and you’re so talented that you’ll go very far.”

The seniors in the class have the opportunity to make their graduation announcements. Some of the other projects that the class has been working on included T-shirt designs for various events, flyers, cards and marketing strategies for yearbook and other school related events.

“I really liked using photoshop because I could combine art with computer skills we are learning,” senior Rachel Brubaker commented.

As the students in Mowrer’s class continue on with their education, they can use these programs to advertise, promote different causes and market various events throughout school years. When students are applying for jobs, they could also use these programs that are provided for them to make a résume.

This week, students are creating word clouds. The word clouds are centered around a certain phrase or word. Each student was able to choose their topics and a certain shape.

“I’m really excited to be making a word cloud. It’s going to be in the shape of the Grinch and revolve around him,” Aylee Pheasant commented.

The possibilities with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop are endless. Mowrer will continue to teach the different programs to ensure that students are able to create different products that will eventually help students when they are in the workforce.



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