New Day Charter School does snow days differently. Instead of calling off school completely the students just work from home. This gives them time to get caught up on past work and attend online tutoring sessions.

For the most part, New Day Charter School follows the weather decisions of Huntingdon Area School District. New Day students come from different school districts, so those students follow what their home school district does. If a district has a three hour delay, New Day students for that district work from home. If their home district is cancelled but Huntingdon is still open, then those students work from home for that day while the other students have school on campus. Principal Joshua Hicks said, “To make WFH (work from home) decisions, we look at other area Districts and follow their lead.”

“Our first priority is always the safety of our students,” said Hicks about making WFH decisions. CEO Autumn Fiscus makes the final call for all WFH days.

When the students work from home they have to send in their attendance between 6:00 and 8:20 a.m. and check their Canvas (online course). “It’s way easier when I wake up I log into Canvas to check what I have to do for the day,” said sophomore Kody Bumbarger. New Day is an online-based school so all of the students work and assignments can be found online in their Canvas

Because of work from home days, New Day has no snow makeup days because they don’t ever actually cancel the school day. “Our teachers follow an online tutoring schedule using Zoom. Zoom (an online program) allows teachers to share their screens with students and complete work with students who need extra help,” explained Hicks.

The school gives out a Google Chromebook laptop to each student at the beginning of the year and they have to have proof that the students have access to WiFi so that they can always log in on off days to do their work.



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