Karley Miller


At New Day Charter School, junior Karley Miller has a dream. She envisions to someday own a food truck and make delicious dishes for her customers. Miller plans to bring customers in with mouth-watering recipes.

The main plan of Miller is to make homestyle foods that will give off “a nostalgic taste.” She wants to go for a healthier option by using fresh ingredients and cooking with fryers less. Miller also wants to give customers a better choice of food in Huntingdon.

“We have far too many pizza and sub joints in our town,” said Miller. “I want to offer an option that isn’t greasy food adding up to heart attacks at early ages.”

When Miller was young, she found cooking to be fun.

“It just ties in with my love to see people laugh and smile,” she stated, “I became passionate about cooking, and the safety in kitchen aspect.”

To Miller, becoming a part of the food truck business is very manageable since she can be her own boss and decide when to open her truck to the public.

No matter how successful her venture, she hopes to remain a lone wolf. Miller believes that franchising this food truck career wouldn’t end in longer term success and satisfaction for her.

“I don’t think other people would make my food exactly as I do, treat customers with the respect I do, and are as serious and passionate about it as I am,” said Miller.

She also prefers the food truck business structure to a restaurant.

Miller explained, “A restaurant would basically take over my life, and I wouldn’t have as much flexibility time wise with a restaurant as I would with a food truck.”

Miller wants to start after she graduates so she has all the education needed to run a food truck. She wants her food truck to have a unique personality in the way she prepares the dishes for hungry customers. Miller said that she is looking for a warm and welcoming personality with some quirkiness and spunk to add. She is very passionate about this career and hopes to travel to other states to share her talents.



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