Post cards at New Day

NDCS junior Karley Miller shows off a New Day Postcard. She received her first postcard for setting an example by cleaning up a mess in the learning center without any prompting

A new postcard incentive for positive behavior has begun at New Day Charter School, and students are finding the results of their better decisions in the mail.

Assistant principal Brandye Armstrong said, “Teachers write out postcards when they catch a student doing something above and beyond their expectations.”

The postcards were created to help build a positive school climate. Postcards are sent home so that parents are aware of their child’s exceptional etiquette. Students who receive a postcard also get a leaf for the “Tree of Caring,” which is a tree posted on the school hallway wall. It allows students and teachers to be recognized by others for specific positive behaviors.

Armstrong thought of the idea and English teacher Nathan Thompson made the idea come to life. He designed the postcards after the idea came up at a staff meeting last year. Armstrong ordered them this summer, and they were ready for the teachers to start sending out this fall.

“I used a previous design to help create this postcard. It took maybe an hour or two to finalize the postcard,” said Thompson.

Each teacher/staff members were given a stack of postcards, explained dean Cindy Jones. “They then complete the postcard and give it to Mrs. Armstrong or myself, so that we can document it,” she said. The secretary then mails them to the parents. Often, the teachers also call the parents to let them know what the student has done.

Freshman Jacie Imler was the first student to receive a postcard this fall. She earned it from working over the summer. She received it from Thompson. “I was just impressed with her professionalism when I ran into her at her work,” he said. Imler said her parents were proud.



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