Ugly sweater winners

Competitors of New Day’s ugly sweater competition included, from the left, freshman Shayna Beam, sophomore Emily Huey, English teacher Nate Thompson, social studies teacher Ryan Hockenberry, and freshman Noah Lloyd, the winner of the contest.

New Day Charter School celebrated Christmas with a variety of activities for the students. They had a meal to enjoy while their peers performed in a talent show. The choir also had their first-ever performance.

The students had shortened class periods so that their classes were all in the morning. Therefore, they could enjoy all the activities in the afternoon.

Multiple students performed in the talent show. They all seemed to enjoy singing while the crowd roared with encouragement at their peers and fellow friends getting up in the front to perform. Junior Nate Lloyd sang a redneck version of “Jingle Bells.” “I found it quite humorous,” said Lloyd. “I like to bring joy,” he said. “It’s a fun song to play.” Because he was leaving with the choir and couldn’t participate in the talent show, principal Joshua Hicks went around at the end of the day singing and playing the guitar for each class.

New Day provided food for the students to enjoy during the activities. They ate pizza and some pasta from All American Pizza & Subs. They also had sugar cookies and homemade peppermint fudge. NDCS provided a wide selection of pizza and drinks.

The NDCS Choir had sang Christmas carols at Westminster Woods. This is the first year for choir. It was organized by sophomore Karley Miller. Miller sent a paper around asking students to sign up if interested before taking it to Hicks.

The day also featured an ugly sweater contest that students and teachers got to be in. The students got to vote by a round of applause for whom they thought had the best ugly sweater. Student Noah Lloyd won with his Donald Trump sweater. Lloyd says Donald Trump was the inspiration for his sweater because “he is our president and he is doing a lot of good things for this country.” Lloyd described his sweater as having “a photo of Donald Trump’s face on a snowman that was holding a sign that said “Make Christmas great again.”



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