New Day students will see a familiar face in the families supported by CHAMP this year.

CHAMP advisers have chosen the kids that will benefit from 2020’s CHAMP Danceathon and New Day senior Shaylynne Childs made the list.

Childs has a condition called spondylolisthesis, which is “a spine disorder where the vertebra slips forward causing an kyphosis, a curvature going front to back more than side to side,” explained her father, Mike Childs.

This is only one of several issues she battles daily from birth. The kyphosis involves her whole spine from lower back to her lower neck. Though it has stabilized a bit, she has to be careful about “bumps” or sudden drops. “The pain ranks seven out of 10 most days, which means she doesn’t move much though she tries to be involved,” said Mike. “Shaylynne’s lower vertebrae back are so underdeveloped they actually look like parrots’ beaks,” continued Mike.

When everyone else went through a “growth spurt” she didn’t, most of her bones are the size of a 10 year old. The biggest barrier for Shaylynne is the pain and the lack of range of motion. “When your hips hurt, the simplest thing of lifting your knees enough to walk let alone climb stairs is almost impossible without help,” said Mike.

School for Shaylynne has also been an ongoing challenge. “For most of her school, she did well, but as the pain increased, her lack of motion caused her not to be able even to sit for very long, that’s why New Day’s cyber schooling helped, as well as ‘Zooming in’ [live streaming] with her classes and Miss Morgan really helped,” added Mike.

Shaylynne did have supportive classmates while she attended New Day physically. Senior’s America Johnson and Meya Shore were who thought kindly of her. “She was always very calm and outgoing,” said Johnson. “Never would she judge you, but be that someone that you need in a rough time. She may not know it, but I’m thankful for her light that beams on not only herself but everyone and everything that she is around. I wish nothing but the best for her,” Johnson continued.

Shaylynne was thought of as a helpful peer in her class. “When Shaylynne was in class with me, she was such a nice person and she was very quiet. She would help you any time she could and her presence was genuinely enjoyed!” said Shore. History teacher Ryan Hockenberry thinks similarly to his students about Shaylynne. “Even with her health challenges, every time I saw her she was always smiling,” said Hockenberry.

Shaylynne and her family are now looking to the future and what it may hold. “She has developed arthritis in her right shoulder and that is going to be a problem to solve. She is continuing to learn on a daily basis with her own curiosity,” said Mike. The future for the Child’s family looks to be filled with uncertainty due to upcoming operations with outcomes unknown. “Very soon Shaylynne will be having a hip replacement to replace at least her left hip. The dysplasia is in both hips; her hip sockets are ‘shallow’ and cause her daily pain, her left more than her right,” informed Childs.

It has only been a month since CHAMP’s announcement that Shaylynne would be part of the CHAMP program this year. “Being part of CHAMP is still kind of new. Shay is a very shy young lady, but very brave, too. We really appreciate the work it does for all the recipients,” said Mike. “The whole family is glad that there is a strategy for the present. We all hope for more movement



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