Kyle Bartlett

New JVHS math teacher Kyle Bartlett teaches his seventh period geometry class about complementary angles.

A new math teacher at Juniata Valley High School has students excited to learn. Math teacher Lettie Smith resigned from her days at Juniata Valley and Kyle Bartlett stepped in to the job.

Bartlett was born in Erie. He then moved to Dubois and lived there with his brother, sister, mother and father until they moved to Bellwood. There he finished out his early childhood education and graduated in 2013. He then furthered his education at Shippensburg University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in science with a mathematical teaching certification.

After he graduated at Shippensburg in 2017, he was hired at Chambersburg Area Senior High School. Bartlett taught there for a year and a half. Not too long ago, he saw that there was a job opening closer to home, at Juniata Valley, and decided to apply.

On February 18, 2019, Bartlett started at the Valley. He currently teaches geometry, algebra II and pre-algebra. “I love teaching all kinds of math!” states Bartlett. “It doesn’t matter where I’m teaching, just that I am.”

Right now in the classes Bartlett is teaching, they are working with numbers. He wants every student in every class he is teaching to have a good number ‘sense’ beyond the normal computations of math. “You use numbers daily and I just want to make sure everybody is confident with them,” explained Bartlett.

Geometry student Madisyn Ormsby commented: “Each day we walk into class and do a warm-up which he calls ‘chalk talk’. There he has us work together in groups as we work on the problem he hands out to us. The warm-ups usually have to do with numbers. He wants us all to be really good with our number sense.”

Bartlett has a lot of plans for the future in his classes. “I want to use Chromebooks as much as possible. I think it’s awesome that everyone has their own. I also want to introduce discovery lessons,”

Bartlett has a good sense on his teaching philosophy, believing that students really need to be putting in the effort. “I like to give my students hands on work and have them do more than me,” he explained. “I will prepare the lessons and everything needed, but they should be doing the work. I want all of my students to succeed in life.”

Along with this, Bartlett believes that homework shouldn’t take an extensive amount of time. “My philosophy is about 10-15 minutes of homework a night,” he stated. “It should be an extension of what the students have learned and hopefully promote them not to copy off of each other, but to simply try their best with the material they learned in class that day.”

Student response to the change in teacher midyear has been positive. Geometry student Madison Dick commented: “He’s a great teacher and it’s clear he wants his students to perform well!”

During his free time Bartlett spends time with his girlfriend and enjoys being outdoors, playing the occasional video game on Xbox, paying a visit to one of his favorite restaurants Five Guys or spending time with his dog Bow. Bartlett is also quite the juggler, which he demonstrated during the interview with dry erase markers.

Bartlett is ready for a great future as a Hornet. He concluded: “I see myself at this school for a long time teaching! All of my fellow coworkers and students are so nice and it’s just a good environment. I came here to teach students but in return, they are also teaching me; I love it!”

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