simply cannot miss the hilariously entertaining one-act plays being performed by the Mount Union student body on Thursday, Nov. 14. They will not just bring a smile to many faces; they will also provoke uncontrollable laughter. With wacky accents, bizarre costumes and fun-filled casts, these three amazing performances are guaranteed to make for an unforgettable evening.

With a variety of students acting in these shows, each performance will have its own quirky spin on characters and plot events.

One of these productions is entitled “Hood of Sherwood,” which offers the audience a comedic spoof of the classic Robin Hood tale. This predominantly male cast adds quite the entertaining twist that will surely make the audience double over in laughter.

Devin Delo explained, “The overall process of creating this theatrical production is so fun to be part of. I really enjoy all of our jokes during practices and spontaneous ad-libbing while acting on stage.”

Another one of the plays taking place during this night of fun is “Complaint Department and Lemonade.” With quite the humorous sequence of unexpected events, this short performance is sure to be a fabulous debut for many junior high students.

Wrapping up the lively evening will be the all-female cast of “If Sherlock Holmes Were a Woman.” This one-act play is sure to grab the audience by surprise as the characters follow the unravelling events of a murder mystery, all while paying tribute to the traditional stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Guests of all ages are sure to be delighted by these silly and spectacular performances.

Returning audience member, Connie Suchan agreed, “The acting ability of these kids is amazing and I have yet to be disappointed. This touch of comedic relief really entertains the audience and inspires future generations of young actors.”

Producer and director Nancy Corson truly helps bring these shows to life. Cast members appreciate her devoted time and dedication to rehearsals. Cost for admission is $5 and showtime is 6:30 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend.



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