The week of Nov. 5 marked the a 14-year tradition known as French Week at Tussey Mountain High School. French Week is dedicated to “celebrating French culture and the hard work my students put into learning the French language,”

Amanda Adams, MTussey Mountain French teacher explained. Throughout the week, there were French trivia questions during the morning announcements such as “What color are mailboxes in France?” or “What is the longest river in France?” Any student was free to answer the question, whether they were in French Club or not, and all the names of the participant were put into a raffle located at the back of Adam’s room, in an envelope, for a free $20 Bubba’s Pizza & Sub Station gift card. The winners were broadcasted during the morning announcements. The winners for this year’s daily prizes were: Myiah McElwee, Lucas Garner, Makade Wallace, Nick Ballard, and Emma Watkins. The lucky winner of this year’s French Week raffle was junior Mahayla Lazor.

Apart from the week-long event, there were days set aside for specific activities. A group of French Club students traveled to the elementary school to educate the younger students about the French culture and language. The leaders of the two groups, hand-picked by Adams, were in charge of deciding what material would be presented to the younger students. Therefore, senior Celeste Snyder was in charge of what fifth graders Noah Lucko and Wyatt Clark learned about France that day.

“We learned random stuff like (how to say) calculator, chair, student and how to say our names,” Wyatt Clark explained.

“My favorite part was the game where we named off famous things in France,” Noah Lucko commented.

Both students reported being happy with the overall outcome of the French Club visit and plan to join French Club next year.

What some would argue to be the most anticipated event of French Week was the party that Friday known as Fête Française. This event allowed all current French students and French Club members to celebrate like a French person with their friends. Decoration committee members, decided by Adams, create original decor to set up around Adams’s room. Fun activities occurred during these parties. There’s French Jeopardy and foods such as brie, camembert, baguettes and crêpes. The festivities were run by the French Club and guided by Adams. Even though there were no new happenings this year, Adams explained that she is always accepting of new ideas if the French Club wants to provide some.



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