It’s officially been 10 years since Rick and Diane Worthy of Mill Creek founded Ricky’s Wheels after the death of their son, Richard E. “Ricky” Worthy II, in 2009 to supply those in need with mobility assistance with electric wheelchairs or scooters.

Since that time, Rick said they’ve now given away over 600 electric wheelchairs. This week, the Worthys helped a mission group going to country of Ghana to deliver not only electric wheelchairs, but walkers, beds, mattresses, and push wheelchairs.

Ginny Heidler, who attends First Church of Christ in Altoona, hooked the Worthys up to Trinity Ministries International, who works with international missions.

The mission group, Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy, is a mission group that helps to deliver much-needed medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers in Ghana, including items like wheelchairs to other needed items like clothes, food and diapers.

“We learned about them when they came to our conference in June,” said Heidler. “We’ve worked with the Worthys before, so we knew they would help us.”

Heidler said they were able to get the much needed supplies to the representatives from Shepherd to Shepherd International by working with the Worthys as well as Through Inc. of East Freedom and John’s Way of Altoona, for other items needed for the mission trip to Ghana.

Bob Harding of Trinity Ministries International said he’s been with them for 50 years, and he’s helped to donate over $20 million to missions all over the world.

For Heidler, she’s happy to be able to connect organizations to help with this mission in Ghana.

“This has been a journey,” she said. “It’s good to help people.”

For the Worthys, this is nothing new for them, as they’ve helped out other Christian organizations, like Samaritan’s Purse, with donations of wheelchairs and other supplies more than once.

“We’ve taken three loads to North Carolina, where they are based,” said Rick. “We’ve had volunteers take it down.”

In the 10 years they’ve been helping, Rick is proud of how this organization has grown to help with not just electric wheelchairs, but with other supplies.

“We’ve been so busy,” he said. “Our chairs are in Jerusalem, Canada, Ukraine and U.S. states like Maine, Nebraska and Florida. Our chairs are all over the country.”

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