Thirty teachers from area school districts participated in a survey to determine how The Daily News is being used in the classrooms and what are students reading in the newspaper. The survey was conducted in conjunction with The Daily News Newspaper In Education (NIE) program where 110 teachers in five school districts are using the newspaper as a tool for classroom instruction.

According to the survey results, the newspaper is used in numerous ways in the classroom with reading current events (57 percent) as the most popular. Other uses include helping students with their reading writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Teachers also use the newspaper to relate various subjects to news and current events, including health, social studies, agriculture and local job opportunities.

“Every year, teachers are finding new and creative ways to use the newspaper in their classrooms to impact literacy while igniting students’ interest in their community,” said John Cook, publisher of The Daily News. “It’s very exciting that students are reading more and improving their skills by having the newspaper in their classrooms.”

The survey results showed the vast majority of the students are reading the news with local news (93 percent) being the most highly read followed by state news (70 percent), national news (63 percent) and world news (43 percent). Students are also reading local sports (77 percent), classifieds (46 percent), Press Club pages (33percent) and other sections of the newspaper.

“The survey results show that students are learning more about and developing an appreciation for their community by reading local news, current events, local sports and various sections of our newspaper,” added Cook.

The results also showed the majority of students (87 percent) are reading the print edition of the newspaper while 13 percent are reading both the print and online editions.

“Teachers have responded each year that the print edition is the popular choice in using the newspaper in their classrooms,” added Cook. “We really like that the students are getting to know the sections of the newspaper by reading the print edition.”

The results showed that participating teachers are using the NIE instructional resources that cover various subjects such as language arts, science, math, and social studies. These resources also include subjects on careers, life skills, anti-drug, alcohol and tobacco awareness as well as bullying and character education.

“These resources are designed to help students make good life choices and decisions affecting their futures,” said Cook. “All of these subjects incorporate the newspaper into the lesson plans and help reinforce what the students are learning in their classrooms.”

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