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Dear Editor:

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Ok — no free shipping on Amazon, my stocking isn’t big enough and I’m really out of touch with reality. But after what just happened in Congress, the impossible seems possible this Christmas. Republicans and Democrats working together? Introduction of major legislation to curb climate change? A market-based solution that would create millions of jobs and put money in my pocket? It is actually all there in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173) which was just introduced by Republican and Democrat co-sponsors. The carbon fee and dividend approach is the favored approach by both economists and climate scientists and has bipartisan support. I’m grateful to Republican representatives Rooney, Fitzpatrick and Trott as well as Democrats Deutch, Delaney and Crist for their leadership and vision in introducing this bill, and strongly encourage Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson to support it. In a time of dividedness and national gloom, it is hard to envision hope and progress. But nevertheless- here it is.

A hippopotamus for Christmas seems unimaginable — but with the amazing work in Congress on climate change … I am hanging a much bigger stocking this year.

Chuck Yohn



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