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Dear Editor:

Have you noticed that the President of the United States is at present (and for the last two years) focused entirely on himself. Please note his daily Twitter feed. There is never a mention of North Korea’s continuing nuclear threat, the possibility of a new Cold War with Russia, our crumbling roads and bridges, the rising cost of living here. We still have an opioid epidemic. We no longer have allies who would support us if needed because the president has alienated those countries that have been with us for 70 or more years. We still have a health care system that needs work. This was the issue in the mid-term elections uppermost in voters’ minds. The other major issue that put 35 or more new Democratic legislators in the House is the never ending barrage of presidential undermining of our institutions. He is deliberately planting distrust of the FBI, CIA, press and judicial system, all of which have served us well for many years. This is not in his job description. Does he ever mention wildfire or hurricane victims? Did he honor our fallen heroes by going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day? No. He tweeted about the Mueller investigation. No collusion, no collusion. He does not seem to realize that he has a country to run. Reed the tweets. No mention ever about the issues I’ve listed. Most importantly, he is ignoring and, sometimes, breaking the law. In many instances, he has questioned the legal authority of federal judges appointed by him. He should not interject himself into any investigation of wrong-doing by anyone. And, for heaven sake, how much longer must we hear that Hillary Clinton should be locked up? He won the election! She is an afterthought.

My point here is that we have a president who is demonstrating daily via his tweets that he has no interest in us. Again, read the tweets carefully. We, the people of our great country, are not mentioned. He is not making us great. We are great and have been for 250 years because we are a nation of laws and because we have always cared for one another. He is diminishing us. He has made us hate each other and made it more comfortable for the bigots among us. He is flouting and ignoring our laws and the laws of common decency. The question is, what can we do? We’ve made a start by ignoring his fear-mongering and giving him a House of Representatives that will challenge him and call out his never-ending untruths. We have nave to put pressure on a Republican Senate that, with a few exceptions, has drunk the Trump Kool-Aid. We cannot respect a senator who hears obvious lies, sees breaches of public trust and remains silent. Those senators have to remind themselves that we are a government of checks and balances. The president is not an absolute ruler. Donald Trump will not change. He’s behaved like this his whole life. It’s all about him. If you think, dear reader, that he has your concerns in mind, think again.

Republican senators have to be told by us, their employers, that his behavior is not acceptable to us. They must stop fearing death by tweet; they must start concentrating on those issues that affect us. We must remind them by mail and phone that the Constitution makes Congress as important as the president. The Senate and House must go back to being nonpartisan and learn to work together. The must be told this by us. You can Google the contact numbers for all members of Congress. Remind them they work for us, not Donald Trump.l


Barbara Grove



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