Gun control, the goal. Outside of suicides, gangs, law enforcement and defensive shootings, there are less than 3,000 gun deaths a year in the U.S. among 350,000,000 people. So why are liberal politicians so enamored with controlling such a minor problem? Lets look at the consequences of the big picture, and the weapons that are targeted.

About 10 years ago the last gunpowder manufacturer in the U.S. was forced to close due to the costs of environmental regulations after operating as a family owned business for 150 years. The gun control crowd is focused on “military” style weapons (which are the cause of less than 200 deaths a year). Why them? Liberals are constantly trying to downsize our military and cut funding for defense. Why? They are also trying to lower standards for our soldiers so more women can “participate.” (I have no problem with any qualified person being able to do any job, but lowering standards for weaker people, man or woman, in any field creates a less or non effective operator in all situations). Again why?

I believe it is to weaken the only country standing in the way of a powerful, elite, wealthy, world wide ruling class from taking over as a one world government. We are at the point where we must obtain all of our gunpowder from countries not always on our side. If “military” style weapons are not sold to the public the incentive to manufacture and develop them for the military goes away. If our military cannot defend us, the sheer numbers of China, Islam or Russia could overwhelm an unarmed America.

The goal is not to make us safer, it is to destroy us. If you don’t believe the above, couple these facts with the rhetoric of the communist leading the Democratic nomination process, and the socialism being taught in our government-run schools.

Bruce Pergament resides in Penn Township.


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