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Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Bullett’s letter March 23 concerning Joe Barrett. Mr. Bullett has accused Joe of being a racist because he shared his views of the Equality Act and they did not match up with Mr. Bullett’s views. That does not make one a racist.

He claimed to know Joe and thought that he was a friend. If Joe called you friend then he was your friend. Because you share different opinions on the Equality Act doesn’t mean he no longer calls you his friend. You are allowed to have a different outlook.

If I have to agree with everything that you believe, I call that a superficial friend not a true friend. Apparently, you don’t know Joe as well as you thought, because as long as I have known Joe (from the 60s until now) Joe has set an example of what it means to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and has lived by the motto of “hate the sin, not the sinner.” I have seen this acted out in Joe’s life many times over. Never has Joe been a finger wagging Christian, telling the sinner what he has done wrong or telling them they better repent and get right with Jesus. Joe never was that person. His only fault here was to speak out about an issue that he has a passion for and it did not agree with what you feel about the issue, which should not make him a racist. I have gone over Joe’s letter and at no time did he even mention race as you have.

You blatantly called him ignorant of not knowing what the HR5 Equality Act was even about, but I believe it is you, sir, who is ignorant of knowing what all this act holds within it. I suggest you investigate it further. It will give power to the government to dictate to the American people what we need to think and act. In the beginning God created man in his image, in the image of God He created him, male and female, Gen. 1:27. God saw that man was lonely so he created a helper for him, he created Eve. Gen.2:18-23.

This bill violates constitutional freedoms and weaponizes civil law to punish those who do not hold the “correct” beliefs. This law itself makes discrimination the law of the land by forcing us to conform to government mandated beliefs. These beliefs have invaded just about every aspect of our lives. They have invaded organized religion (with some church councils allowing these beliefs to change their laws and bylaws) and because of these changes people are leaving organized religion to go and form independent churches not held to organized church law. It is almost impossible to watch TV without imposing those beliefs on us. This act would in fact violate religious freedom and the separation of church and state. Government should stay out of the church’s affairs. God should be the only leader in churches and He has given specific instructions on how to lead churches, if people would only read His Word.

Other areas this bill is leading to are: Forcing doctors to perform an abortion against his belief, allowing boys to identify as a girl or a girl identify as a boy and compete in a sport that they identify with also allowing them to use restrooms of whatever sex they identify with, and this would also allow a teacher that identifies as the opposite sex of what they truly are to enter a restroom with your child. Allowing boys to play girls sports, just to break records and be a winner. What a way to make a parent proud. Or if a father wants to stop a man who identifies as a woman from going into the same bathroom that his daughter just went into, he would not be allowed to do so. The father would be in violation of the law. This bill could also hurt faith based adoption and foster care agencies that believe every child needs a father and mother.

This law has many trappings written into it, people just have not read the bill in its entirety.

So in closing, Mr. Bullett, as a true friend of Joe Barrett, who truly did his homework on the bill and knew what all it entails, I support Joe and I truly know that he is not a racist and I believe you owe him an apology.

David Watts

Mount Union


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