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Dear Editor:

The Republican Senate has not allowed Democrats (as of yet) to bring up witnesses in the trial. In any fair trial this wouldn’t even be a debate. The Republicans are setting it up to be in Trump’s favor. Mitch McConnell even said he is not and will not be an unbiased juror. And Senators of both parties are playing like this is some game, not a trial. The facts are that Trump, right from his own transcript, asked about political information from another country. This is wrong because it could be played against trump and help the other country’s agenda, against America’s interests. It also is wrong because Trump kept aid to Ukraine conditional on it, basically extortion. Also that aid was to help stop Russian aggression against Ukraine, a national security issue. Also the fact is that the Russians did try to help Trump get elected, the affect that had on the election and whether Trump was involved is debatable or inconclusive. The fact that Trump was helped by an enemy power of the U.S. signals to me that he is not fit to be president. I ask Chief Justice John Roberts to take ahold of the hearing. But on the other hand, it would still be the Senators decision to convict him and people of the same party don’t convict each other, especially the face of the party. Really the whole system of impeachment is wrong. It should be handled through a court of law.

Brendan Wissinger

Mount Union


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