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Dear Editor:

Will the true people of Jesus Christ please stand? Where is the bold proclamation of the truth in our communities? We have allowed sin to reign in our lives as God’s people and in the church of Jesus. Therefore we have no voice in the world. The church is silenced by her sin. We act just like the world. No wonder the world does not see any difference in God’s people. We need to repent. We need to call sin what it really is — sin! We need to ask God to cleanse us and to make us a holy vessel fit for his dwelling. We need God to renew us so that we can boldly proclaim the truth to our lost and dying communities.

Will the true people of Jesus Christ please stand? Where is the bold proclamation of the truth without regard to what the world thinks or says? We have allowed the world to silence the church because the world gets upset when we call sin for what it really is. The church doesn’t want to offend anyone today. But how else are the people around us going to know that they are sinners under the wrath and judgment of a holy God? Where is the voice of truth today? It must be in the true church. We must care more about what God says than what the world says. God’s light must shine brightly as the church stands firmly and boldly on the truth, regardless of what the world says.

This is a plea from a pastor’s heart. This is a call to the true church of Jesus to be the church, to stand on the Word of God and to proclaim it boldly and clearly and powerfully. Will you stand boldly on the truth no matter what the world says? Will you walk in holiness and call sin what it really is? May God’s presence and power be known once again among his people for his glory!


Rev. Dan Long

Calvary Independent Baptist Church



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