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Dear Editor:

We have been watching with interest the recent discussions surrounding the planned cutting and sale of timber on Flagpole Hill. Based on the number of responses to that decision, it is clear that the plan is not endorsed widely in our community. In addition to the letters to the editor and comments in the Opinion Line, approximately 1,400 have signed a petition in opposition to the plan. In fact, a number of us just recently found out about the decision to conduct logging at Flagpole Hill, even though according to the borough’s records they have been discussing it since June 2019 and made a final decision in December 2019. The borough council is of the opinion that it has been transparent and open about the process (see huntingdonboro.com/flagpole-hill-timber-sale-letter/), however, it’s obvious that many in the community do not agree. If the process went on that long, and many were unaware of it, was it as transparent as suggested?

As noted in a recent letter to the editor by Nick Miller, one committee member stated that not all borough business matters “require nor necessitate that our leadership receive input from the public before moving forward with it.” While that may be true, when it comes to public lands there should be public discussion. Please postpone your plan to log this public land until the borough and the citizens of Huntingdon can come together and discuss what it means for the future of the trail.

Thank you

Tom and Pat Kepple



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