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Dear Editor:

How do we know that climate change is real and human caused? Using climate proxy data (for example ice cores, historical data and soil cores or tree cores) and instrument data we know that the temperature has increased by 0.8 climatic degrees Celsius since 1880, which may not seem like much when we are talking averages, the daily numbers will be bigger differences. This is 2.5 times any change seen between year 1000, and 1800. This data is from many scientists around the world. Glaciers and ice caps are melting, the seas are rising. Ninety seven percent of scientists agree that climate change is real and human caused and happening now. Here is how we know that the current warming is human caused: the amount of volcanic eruptions has stayed stable. The number of sunspots and hence intensity of the solar radiation has decreased, not increased. Temperatures of upper and lower levels of atmosphere match what climate models say warming from human-caused (anthropogenic) greenhouse gases would look like, not what temperature changes from volcanoes or the sun would look like. Nights are warming faster than days, signaling that greenhouse gases which keep nights warmer are to blame. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing pointing to combustion of oxygen, like in internal combustion engines. But we are not going to run out of oxygen. This tells us the reality that the climate crisis is human caused.

Brendan Wissinger

Mount Union


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