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Dear Editor:

Alinski’s Rules for Radicals main theme: Overburden the system. With the worldwide elite desiring a one world government and being in control of the news, can you see how an average disease can be blown out of proportion? What have they done to the one thing in their way? They have convinced previously patriotic Americans to forfeit their rights by giving them handouts (make more money to stay at home than by working and driving the economy) thereby taking our national debt from $200 trillion to $300 trillion in four months. Add to this the deficits in state and big city spending to keep us at bay while the ability to recover (destroying small businesses) is virtually eliminated and you have no choice than to collapse the system and start over. Has there been any talk of how to repay this free money? Killing billions (or letting us just die) is not a problem to them, we just dirty up their precious planet anyway (the elites have been pushing population control for over 100 years). Wake up, people. Take back our country, our state, our county, our town now. If we wait, we won’t have an America anymore.

Bruce Pergament

Penn Township


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