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Dear Editor:

Climate change impacts under 1.5-2 degrees Celsius: 1.5 million premature deaths annually from climate change per year by 2100, over 529,000 deaths per year from 2030 to 2050, contributing to the extinction of 1 million species (including 40% of amphibians), (climate change is listed as the third largest cause of extinction. Direct impacts include: Sea level rise (of up to a foot by 2030), Southern Florida and Louisiana and parts of Hawaii may become inhabitable because of salt-water infiltration, 100 million people forced into extreme poverty by 2030, 1 billion displaced by 2050, decline in ice sheets, loss of almost all coral reefs, reductions in ecosystems, decline in air quality, and a rise in disease, famine, allergies, heat waves, heat related illnesses, catastrophic hurricanes, climate change is suppose to cause flooding in some places like Pennsylvania, drought in others, and in some places a mixture of both, more ticks and pestilence, and wildfires, degrading infrastructure, a decline in mental health, rise in economic inequality, a rise in war, conflict, and terrorism, a rise in crime, and increased immigration and economic depressions. Climate change impacts are more likely to affect the poor and elderly, women and children. More homeless, and farms may lose 25% of their yield. Third world countries will be hardest hit. Many societies may be stressed to possible collapse. A loss of 10% of the U.S. GDP, a loss bigger than the great depression by 2100. But all of this can be prevented if we act fast enough.

Brendan Wissinger

Mount Union


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