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Dear Editor:

Please recognize this for what it is. April 2, in a tweet, our president, whose job it is to lead us, said that those asking for necessary life-saving equipment have insatiable appetites and are just complainers. The complainers dismissed by the president are emergency room doctors and nurses. They’re risking their lives daily. Does he really believe they are making this up? Can he not read the figures that he’s given daily? What is wrong with him? He is now demeaning healthcare workers. He’s demonizing ordinary Americans going to work every day, knowing they could become infected and die or expose their families to a death sentence. Where is his heart? Why do we tolerate the lies and cruelty? We’ve never had a president of his ilk. He won’t order a national lockdown, which is actually working in states with caring governors. Our president won’t order a national lockdown because he’s worried about the cost to the airline industry. Come on. His approval rating has improved. Why? He knew this was coming months before it came. He refused an offer of tests from the World Health Organization (WHO). Knowing it was here, he went on national television and lied. “Only 15 cases, they’ll be better in no time. A miracle will occur and in a week, the 15 will be zero.”

He goes on television every day so he can pretend to be leading. He’s not leading. He’s lying and too many of us are accepting these lies. Why? Why are we so gullible? He says we have adequate equipment. He says the doctors and nurses are just liars and complainers. Why do we accept this? Why aren’t we angry on behalf of the healthcare workers? The Boston Globe’s new headline says that Donald Trump has blood on his hands and he doesn’t even care. He gives himself a 10. I give him a zero.

In November, vote and tell him we’ve seen through his lies and posturing and ego. He has no decency and we must let him know that we deserve better. Our healthcare workers deserve better.

Electing a leader who cares will be our way of thanking those who are risking their lives for us.


Barbara Grove



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