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Dear Editor:

In November, we will be faced with an important decision. One that goes beyond bread and butter issues. We must weight the pros and cons of Donald Trump’s contributions to our lives. It’s true there are a few good results that the president can lay claim to: our economy is healthy, unemployment is historically low, federal workers are getting a higher minimum wage and the new tax law has benefitted at least some of us. Unfortunately, when we measure the gains against the losses, the picture is not so rosy.

Under Donald Trump, we have lost the benefits to clean air and water, food stamps for needy working Americans, protection from mercury and lead poisoning in paint, internet access for low income families, safe voting accessibility, school accountability, help for student loan debt, funds for education, health research, help for the mentally ill and the addicted. This is only a partial list of regulations that the p resident has gutted. Regulations put in place to protect us. Now the beneficiaries of these presidential decisions are the CEOs and stockholders of coal, oil, gas, auto, mining and insurance companies. Quid pro quo. We lose, they gain.

We lose when our president destroys a very bad man from another country and gives five different reasons for that assassination. With that order, he gave no thought to the consequences. The Iranians retaliated and in the ensuing terror and chaos, someone made a mistake and 168 men, women and children died a terrible death. One hundred and sixty-eight people innocent people died. Our president’s decisions are often made on a whim or a prod from Fox News.

We must also ask the question: can we continue to raise our children with ethical and moral codes when they are daily subjected to examples of bullying, bigotry, name-calling, bribery, lawlessness, sexual inappropriate behavior, lying. All of the above character flaws are on full display and publicly bragged about by the man who holds the highest office in the land. We cannot, in good conscience, look our children in the eye and say this is OK, that their souls are not tainted if they emulate this behavior. The examples set by this president do not express civility, fairness, plain human decency. This moral decay that permeates his every move may, in the long term, diminish our country even more than the loss of food stamps or clean water.

If Donald Trump is reelected, we, the people, will continue to lose.

Barbara Grove



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