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Dear Editor:

This past rifle season, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life while sitting in a tree stand. Although I did not bag a trophy buck, I was able to recognize just how truly blessed I am. God has granted me good health, a wonderful family, a productive company and the most beautiful place to call home — Huntingdon County.

During this moment of reflection, I also came to realize how humbled I am to participate in public service in my capacity as a Walker Township Supervisor. For the past five years it has been both an honor and pleasure to work with the employees of the township, and for its residents. While I recognize that my service has come with challenges, I have always strived to learn, grow and improve as together, we, a citizen-driven government guide the direction of Walker Township.

As we prepare for the 2021 primary election, Walker Township residents face an important decision. We have been able to care for our employees that take care of us, we have provided safe road conditions for our residents, and we have found economical ways to grow our township. The key to these successes has been open and honest communication and collaboration. Unlike the distrust and unrest, we see at other levels of government, an through resident involvement and outreach, concerns have been heard and problems have been addressed.

After a great deal of prayer and consideration, I have decided to run for another term as a Walker Township Supervisor. Our health, our families, our businesses and institutions, and our homes are what comprise our community. While much work has been done, there is more to do; and I am energized, focused and resolved to continue this important public service to my community. I would appreciate your vote Tuesday, May 18. If in the meantime, you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Walker Township office and I am at your service.

Joe Harford


Walker Township Board of Supervisors


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