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Dear Editor:

April 23, after ringing out of the self-service line at Walmart I realized that I had forgotten my wallet and would have to return home to get it. A very gracious lady stepped up and offered to pay for my $10 order. She would not tell me her name, simply telling me to, “pay it forward.” What a nice thing to do.

Returning home my wife and I continued our task of felling some dead trees and clearing the brush. We became tired and were about ready to hang it up for the day when a young couple stopped and asked if we would like for them to cut up the logs and remove the wood. Of course we 80-year-olds gladly accepted their offer. They quickly sawed up the two trees, even cutting down one more, loaded the wood and were off. What a Godsend that Mr. and Mrs. Hoffmaster from Petersburg just happened by at that time.

What a blessing to live in a community filled with such wonderfully charitable people. We thank them all again from the bottom of our hearts.

Pat and George Lightner



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