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Dear Editor:

In 1941, we suddenly found ourselves at war. Many volunteered to fight the enemy and many were drafted to do the same. Four hundred and seven thousand gave their lives and have been honored for their ultimate sacrifice.

Now we are at war, not with another country, but with a virus, threatening to destroy the economy of this nation, if not the entire world. It’s time to reopen most or all of the businesses, staffed completely by “young” people who are paid fair wages. Older folks can communicate with them by phone or internet. Where needed, companies can hire an army of “young” people to make deliveries, possibly in their own vehicles, to doorsteps without making physical contact with those inside.

If a “young” employee contracts the virus, it is likely that he or she will recover, and the price paid will be comparable to getting a bad case of the flu. They will stay home until they recover, and then return to work. A few will die, and we will honor their memory as we have honored the memory of those who have died in previous wars. How young is “young”? Let the statistics tell us what will work.

The younger generation could save the older generation.

Dr. Benjamin B. Sunderland, Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Juniata College


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