In 1987, after returning from Moscow during the height of the Cold War, Donald Trump took out a full page ad in The New York Times criticizing NATO. Shortly after, he also expressed interest in running for president for the first time. Folks, he has likely been a Russian asset far longer than many people realize. This week he is tweeting bizarre Kremlin talking points criticizing former Soviet satellite Montenegro and also defending the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. His own secretary of defense resigned in disgust for bending the knee to Moscow, and other top generals, including McRaven, who led the Bin Laden mission, and McCrystal, have both strongly condemned him. I am thrilled to hear members of the House of Representatives are now discussing indictment along with impeachment.



Some people are under the impression that the Cold War ended. Despite the Treaty on nuclear weapons, the old USSR and its fascist replacement, today's Russian Federation have always had the same agenda. Break up NATO, smash the EU, and drive America back into its isolationist shell so that the New Russian Empire can have its day, despite their military weakness and an economy that is smaller than the individual states of New York and California. Brexit was supported finacially by the Russians as was the meddling in the 2016 election. They also meddled in both the German and French elections. As for Montenegra, a tiny Eastern European democracy on the Adriatic Sea, Russian agents attempted a violent overthrow and assassination plot. The Cold War is not over as long as former KGB agent and FSB director and current dictator forever Vladimir Putin has a say...or a devious plot. They almost succeeded in France with their RW white nationalist allies and they almost succeeded here. Yes they did help DJT become president, but he is such an incompetent that every thinking person sees through the charade. All he can do now is continue to hand over things to Russia, like Syria, and keep the US government in a constant state of turmoil and division.


I thought the height of the Cold War was the 1960's when both sides were ready to push the button and wipe each other off the face of the earth not when we were signing nuclear disarmament treaties like in 1987.

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