One of the things so sad about the condition of our country is how much the American Marxists resemble the Nazis. Hitler and his Nazis slaughtered millions of innocent lives, gassed the Jews and was a brutal tyrant. The American Marxists act like Nazis by jabbing needles into breathing innocent babies and then watch them writher in agony. Not only this but Planned Parenthood supported by the brown shirts in our government, not only perform abortions, but have butchered babies like animals. Not only this, but we talk about Russian troops on Ukraine’s border, but way more people than the amount of Russian troops have crossed our border. What about America’s border? The Senate gives $14 billion to Ukraine but won’t spend $4 billion on a wall? What about drugs? Do people care more about Ukrainians than Americans? You Marxist Democrats should get on your knees and plead for mercy.


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