I see Trump is at it again. He keeps saying Mexico is going to pay for the wall, but now he is backed up into the corner. I have a suggestion. He says $5.6 billion isn’t much money, well he’s a billionaire. Why don’t he and his rich friends get together and pay for the wall and see how quickly Mexico pays them back?



You do realize that one billion is a thousand millions, right? So as of right now, even if that much has been raised, which I doubt because who would be that dumb, they have raised slightly less than .0035 % of the total At that rate they will have enough in oh about 200-300 years. Have you given yet and are you Mexican?


There is $20 million currently in a go fund me account to pay for a border wall but they say that it cannot be used for that purpose because government doesn't allow for it so how will Billionaires be able to pay for it?


Also, as for billionaires, they aren't the ones that are giving to it. They know it is stupid. That could be why they are billionaires. BTW DJT is not one.

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