Fortunately homelessness has not been a huge problem here, like in many major cities. The question was asked to Trump, why is that, he is not sure. I ask, if the economy is doing so well, why so many homeless? Is it lost jobs? Maybe. Healthcare? Maybe. People not caring enough to help? Maybe. Trump said it looks bad for the cities, police are getting sick walking through this. Huh? How about the poor people? Trump said we'll have to do something, gather them all up and you take it from there, eliminate them. Yes, that is why a homeless victim during Hurricane Harvey was asked to go to FEMA Center, he said no, I will be killed there. Hard to imagine, but we live in a fallen, wicked world, where we would rather let these poor people be killed then help. Immigrants we help!



A lot of homeless are sent with one way bus tickets to major cities.

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