The Mount Union boys’ basketball team closed out its regular season schedule in a rematch at Glendale Friday night. The Vikings turned the table on the Trojans. After a very even start, the two teams battled for four quarters with the Vikings winning a 76-71 Inter-County Conference North contest.

The Trojans won the first meting in Mount Union Jan. 14, by a score of 75-67. They are 10-11 overall and are 8-6 in the ICC North. The Vikings are 13-8 overall and 10-6 in the division.

“We came out sluggish and were not hitting in the first half,” commented Trojan head coach Scott McClain. “We picked it up in the second half and shot better, but started to turn the ball over and fell behind. We were within one point in the fourth quarter and could not make a play before the clock ran out.”

The teams came out in the first quarter and did not get going right away. Each scored 12 points. Kobe Hand and River Terry hit treys for the Trojans. Josh Potutschnig had five points and Loegen Smeal hit a trey for the Vikings.

In the second quarter, Seth Smith hit five for the Trojans, along with Dylan Gearhart. The Vikings started to hit with Ryan Sinclair getting going with 10 points. Jacob Jasper hit for 11, including three treys to put the Vikings up by six at the break.

The two teams played even in the third quarter with every one hitting. The Vikings scored 20 points and the Trojans scored 19 in the quarter. Quinton Posey had seven Trojan points and Potutschnig hit for nine points and Sinclair added eight for the Vikings. Glendale was up by seven going into the fourth quarter.

The Trojans fought back closed within one point in the frame. Posey hit for 11points to lead the Trojans with 23 on the night. Sinclair scored eight to lead the Vikings with 26-points and keep the Trojans from the win.

Mount Union had a tough night on the foul line, converting just 14 of 22 attempts while the Vikings canned 13 of 19 tries.

Hand hit for 15-points and Smith had 13-points on the night. Terry added 11 points to the Trojans total.

The Trojans will proceed to the postseason with match up to be announced later.


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