Dave Kyper, sponsor of the Huntingdon County Golf Championship, congratulates Luke Thompson, member of the Huntingdon Country Club, for winning the 2020 Championship with a two-day score of 140.

Luke Thompson, a member of the Huntingdon Country Club, won the 38th Annual Huntingdon County Golf Championship sponsored by Kyper Insurance in the honor of the late Martin G. Kyper. Forty-five golfers played in this two-day golf event held Saturday at the par 74 American Legion Country Club (ALCC), Mount Union, and Sunday at the par 71 Huntingdon Country Club (HCC).

Thompson shot 70 at both courses to win the championship.

The top 10 finishers were Luke Thompson (HCC) 140, Wes Rhone (ALCC) 142, Matt Baer (ALCC) 148, Dave Kyper (HCC) 150, John Shugarts (ALCC) 150, Mike Walker (ALCC) 151, Scott Ulrich (HCC) 153, Matt Souders (ALCC) 153, Phil Thompson (HCC) 154, and Jason Arnold (ALCC) 157.

Division Winners


1st — Luke Thompson (HCC) 140

2nd — Matt Baer (ALCC) 142

3rd/4th (tie) — Scott Ulrich (HCC)/Matt Souders (ALCC) 153

5th — Jason Arnold (ALCC) 157


1st — Wes Rhone (ALCC) 132

2nd — John Shugarts (ALCC) 138

3rd — Mike Walker (ALCC) 143

4th — John Cook (HCC) 144

5th (tie) — Andon Suchan (ALCC) / Ryan Marshall (HCC) 146

Senior Scratch

1st — Dave Kyper (HCC) 150

2nd — Phil Thompson (HCC) 154

3rd — Ed Strickler (HCC) 159

4th — Martin Kyper, Jr. (HCC) 160

Senior Handicap

1st — Ed McEwen (SGC) 142

2nd — Chip Lewis (HCC) 144

3rd — Dave Fyock (HCC) 145

4th — Scott Eichelberger (SGC) 151

This championship golf tournament is open to members of HCC, ALCC and Sunset Golf Course (SGC), as well as residents of Huntingdon County.


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