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Dorman’s Jewelry in Altoona offers engagement rings and wedding bands to suit any budget.

For many couples, finding the perfect wedding band is often a lengthy and frustrating process.

Mike Dorman, owner of Dorman’s Jewelry Inc. in Altoona, Pennsylvania said that it is important for couples to do their homework prior to ring shopping.

“It’s always best to have an idea of what you’re looking for before coming into the store. Because of the internet, people usually come in with a picture on their phone, which is great because we aren’t spending hours deciding on things like color and style.”

This season, people are leaning away from the halo style ring, which has smaller diamonds surrounding a larger central gemstone designed to enhance the appearance of the main stone. Couples are more inclined to choose a traditional style of wedding ring that has only one large stone. “There are a lot of reasons why someone might prefer the traditional style ring,” said Dorman. “Halo designs typically require more over the years, as there are more stones that could need replaced.”

While traditional wedding rings are the top seller this season, some couples opt for a more unique route.

“Antique and vintage style wedding rings have been selling well,” said Dorman. “For men, we’re seeing a lot of requests for collegiate or sports ring style bands. Recently, this guy came in and told us he was a fisherman, and we set him up with a ring with a trout engraving.”

Men have also been preferring precious metals over industrial metal bands. “Industrial metals are harder to maintenance,” said Dorman. “Years go by, maybe the guy gets a little bigger, and we can’t resize his ring where precious metal are more forgiving.” Silicone wedding bands are ideal for men who work with their hands, as they are soft but sturdy.

White and gold wedding bands are still very popular this season. Rose gold rings and rings with white gold accents are also quite trendy. As for the stones themselves, the round and cushion cut diamonds, which are square with rounded corners are selling better over princess cut, which is spiked.

Couples on a budget have the option of using payment plans as a method of budgeting for their wedding rings.

“We can find a ring to suit any budget,” said Dorman. “But we do offer payment plans for as little as $100 a month, so people shouldn’t worry about not being able to find the perfect ring due to financial reasons.”

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